Metal Roofing

Say Hello to the Highest Quality Metal Roofing in Florida

Owning a home in Florida means that your roof will be subjected to salt-water corrosion, damage from hail and UV rays, wind uplift, and more. You need an experienced roofing contractor to give your home the protection it needs to withstand the elements.

Metal roofing is the ideal set up for your home in Florida.

Let the skilled team with Neal Strickland Roofing be your solution to weathering by having them install a durable metal roof on your home.

Give Your Home a Makeover With Metal Roofing

With the broad range of colors and finishes available, you can enhance the appearance of your home’s exterior with a new metal roof. You can depend on Neal Strickland Roofing for fine workmanship and competitive prices.

Metal Roofing Design Choices

  • Classic Rib
  • Standing-seam
  • 5-V

Quality Metal Roofing Materials

When you get a metal roof installed by Neal Strickland Roofing, high-quality materials from Deep South Metal Roof Supply will be used to ensure you get the lasting results you want, guaranteed with a manufacturer’s WARRANTY.

Check Out Our Latest Metal Roofing Projects

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