Shingle Roofs

Let Our Roofing Company Put on a New Shingle Roof for Your Home

When it comes to choosing a dependable roofing system for your home or commercial property, a shingle roof proves to be a wise investment. Not only are they reasonably priced, but they are also sturdy and easy to maintain.

The state licensed and insured professionals with Neal Strickland Roofing can install a new shingle roof that will keep your property safe and protected.

All Our Shingle Roofs Come With a 20+ Year Warranty

You can rest easy knowing that Neal Strickland Roofing offers you a 20-year WARRANTY on your new shingle roof installation. No matter what type of roof you choose, we will install it with professionalism and stand behind our work.

Shingle Roof

Benefits of Shingle Roofing

  • Cost-efficient
  • Variety of textures, styles, and colors
  • Long life-expectancy
  • Ease of repair, maintenance, and installation

Trust in a True Family Business to Install Shingle Roof

Ensuring that you are completely satisfied with your new roof and your experience with our company is the goal of Neal Strickland Roofing.

Our management team, consisting of Neal Strickland and his sons, Austin and Morgan, will earn your trust by providing customized roofing solutions and honest pricing every time you call on us.

Check Our Latest Shingle Roofing Projects

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