What to Do When Your Roof Leaks

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Discover What to Do When Your Roof Springs a Leak in Florida!

At Neal Strickland Roofing, we understand that a leaking roof can catch you by surprise, and its consequences can be severe if not dealt with promptly. If you suspect your roof is leaking, it’s crucial to take immediate action to prevent more significant problems. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to handle the situation:

Identifying the Signs of a Leaking Roof:

Leaking roofs often remain hidden until water has penetrated multiple layers and caused visible damage inside your home. You may notice water stains on your ceiling joints or corners, indicating a leak has occurred. As soon as you observe these signs, it’s time to act.

What to Do If Your Roof Is Leaking:

  1. Prioritize Safety: First and foremost, shut off the electrical power to the affected area of your home to avoid any potential hazards. Unplug and remove electrical appliances near the source of the leak. Also, move furniture and personal belongings away from the affected area. If anything gets wet, ensure they’re placed in a well-ventilated space for drying. Cover large furniture pieces with plastic sheeting to protect them from further water damage.
  2. Contain the Water: Swiftly contain the leaking water by using appropriate containers like large plastic buckets or Tupperware containers. For larger leaks, recycling bins can be helpful. To minimize annoying drip noises, use a string trick by attaching a long string close to the leak, directing the water into the container silently. Alternatively, you can place an old t-shirt or towel in the bucket to dampen the sound. Keep an eye on water build-up in the ceiling; if pockets of water become too large, carefully poke a small hole to release the water.
  3. Connect with Professional Roofers: Repairing a leaking roof requires expertise, so it’s essential to hire a professional roofing specialist. At Neal Strickland Roofing, our licensed and insured experts can quickly and accurately locate the source of the leak and address the situation. Avoid hiring the first company you find; ensure they meet critical credentials such as addressing damaged wood before re-roofing and providing guarantees against future leaks.
  4. Plan for Cleanup and Restoration: Once the roof leak is addressed, consider hiring a water damage restoration company to handle the cleanup. Attempting to deal with the aftermath on your own may lead to more significant problems. Water damage can result in dangerous bacteria, mold growth, weakened structures, and potential ceiling collapses. Let the experts handle it efficiently.
  5. Prepare for the Future: To prevent future leaking issues, invest in an annual roof inspection. Regular inspections are a cost-effective measure compared to dealing with repeated leaks. At Neal Strickland, we’re dedicated to ensuring your roof’s integrity and preventing any unforeseen problems.

Don’t wait for the damage to escalate; act swiftly and reach out to Neal Strickland Roofing, your trusted roofing experts in Florida, at the first sign of a leak. Protect your home and safeguard your peace of mind with our reliable services!

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